Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thinking about health on vacation

Thoughtful words at Yoga Soleil
in my new CrossFit Sumner shirt 
Andrew and I are currently on a mini vacation...well we are in Sumner, Washington. I am vacationing while Andrew completes his CrossFit certification (Go Andrew! He's gonna be a kick-ass coach, look out for him!). 

With all this time on my hands I got to thinking about holidays. We all have vacations where we come home feeling like we need another - exhausted, bloated, and maybe slightly guilty for how we have treated our body.  I am determined to come home from this mini-vacay feeling rested, healthy and positive! 

So instead of sleeping until noon and spending FULL days lazing about I checked out CrossFit Sumner and Yoga Soleil...THEN spent guilt-free days in savasana (yogi for laying on my back), reading at the beach, and pampering myself! 

Andrew and I have also stocked our mini fridge so we can keep up our Paleo/clean eating for breakfast and lunch which, similarly allows us to have delicious guilt-free dinners (and desserts!). 

So take the time to do something active on your vacation, get it done in the morning before the temptation of the afternoon siesta derails you and remember your post vacation self will thank you for your new holiday habits!   

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