Tuesday, August 21, 2012


A couple of weekends ago my wife, Kelly, and I went to Sumner, Washington for a Crossfit Level 1 course. I was taking the course because I love Crossfit, I want to increase my knowledge and eventually open up my own affiliate.

Over the weekend I listened to the lectures and took part in the learning activities - including a ramped up version of Fran with ring pull ups and dumbbell thrusters! In the evening Kelly and I studied, she helped me study in ways I have never studied before. It was amazing! I was filled with knowledge.

The next day I took the certificate exam. I  finished in five minutes and spent the next twenty minutes reviewing my answers. While reviewing I reflected on the time my wife had spent with me.

Kelly had taken time off work to come down to Sumner with me, she studied with me, and talked me down when I was getting frustrated. She spent her entire weekend encouraging me.

This is all part of our relationship. When there is something our partner loves to do we will try our best to be there for them. This kind of encouragement creates a strong bond and environment where both parties are encouraged to grow. This bond is the foundation of our home of healthiness.

Oh, and because of her help, my certificate is in the mail. Yahoo! 

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