Sunday, July 29, 2012

In sickness

Andrew here, I am sitting in my family doctor's office.  I am here to check in with him about an accident I was in in June 2011 - I was hit by a car while riding my bike home from my gym.  A piece of the bone of my foot was torn from my tibia at the tendon.  Or at least that is my understanding. 

I was off of my feet for four months.  I was distraught.  I felt like I was gaining weight (I wasn't) and that I was losing muscle mass (I was).  Then Kelly made some suggestions about some alternative exercises that I could do, we started doing very low impact water aerobics and swimming.  Limping to each destination and drowning short women in my waves.

It was very helpful for me to have my wife to show me new forms of physical activity.  It kept my spirits up and acted as a bridge until I was able to get back to my normal fitness routine. 

It is important to support and encourage your partner in difficult times of change, your support can prevents the Marriage 15!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

NO Newlywed 10: Tip #2

Work out together. Work harder. Challenge one another.

Andrew and I have been training separately for the Super Spartan Race. I created a plan and some kick-ass work outs to get my body prepared for the race (check out My Favourite below). I was really pushing myself to my edge, my limits, my body’s capacity – well that’s what I thought until I invited Andrew to join me one evening.

The work out that we did that night (My Favourite) was generally taking me 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete. When I did it chasing Andrew’s long legs and explosive movements it took 53 minutes! Partner rivalry is a fun and easy way to push through your limits and reach new goals! Add a post work out meal and you’ve fit in a date night too ;)

My Favourite: Training for the Super Spartan

Measure 800m from your home base (use google maps), you want to find somewhere that you can perform lunges, push-ups, squats, pull ups and burpees (a park is ideal).

The Work Out:

Round 1
Run to your 800m mark - do 20 lunges (10 on each leg) - run back to your home base (option: if your home base is home and you have access to stairs run up and down them once) 

Round 2
Run to your 800m mark - do 20 lunges and 20 push-ups - run back to your home base  (option: stairs)

Round 3
Run to your 800m mark - do 20 lunges, 20 push-ups and 20 squats- run back to your home base (option: stairs)

Round 4
Run to your 800m mark - do 20 lunges, 20 push-ups, 20 squats and 20 pull ups - run back to your home base (option: stairs)

Round 5
Run to your 800m mark - do 20 lunges, 20 push-ups, 20 squats, 20 pull ups and 10 burpees - run back to your home base (option: stairs)

Walk to cool down and then stretch.

Congratulations you just completed a 5 mile run (8km), 100 lunges, 80 push-ups, 60 squats, 40 pull ups and 10 burpees!
To build on this add more rounds and more exercises – I’m going to work my way up to 8 rounds/miles! 

Photo Courtesy of: amy leigh PHOTOGRAPHY

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kelly Back Again with No Newlywed 10: Tip #1

We all want to look great on our wedding day...OK we all want to look better than great on our wedding day, we want to look fit, happy, healthy, and beautiful. This is great motivation for us to skip the dessert and fit in the gym. However, once the big day is over many people start to fit in the dessert and skip the gym.

Without my and Andrew's wedding day looming to give us extra motivation we decided to plan something new to motivate us! We signed up for the Super Spartan Race, an 8+ mile obstacle race in September 2012! We are training and preparing to kick butt in this race.

So chat with your partner about what WILL MOTIVATE YOU (as a couple) and make it happen! Maybe it's a 10k run? Triathlon? Beach trip? Kayaking or Hiking Adventure? and start training! 

Report your progress to each other, train together, encourage, support, and HOLD ONE ANOTHER ACCOUNTABLE! Start some good habits together that will last a lifetime! 

Picture courtesy of amy leigh PHOTOGRAPHY

Monday, July 9, 2012


Tonight I am making food.  I started with bringing together some items from the bulk section of superstore.  Cranberry trail mix, unsalted mixed nuts with no peanuts, and mango slices.  I threw those into sandwich bags with some beef jerky. 

Now I have ten convenient snack packs.  They are balanced @ 40% calories (roughly) from fat, 25% from protein and the remaining 35% from carbs.  It makes for a fantastic addition to the day.  I took the idea from Steve's Originals.  I am waiting for my next order and I became a little eager.

Check it out!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Post Wedding Commitment

Allow me to introduce myself, Kelly...Ebbers, formally Kelly Davies, Kelly D. or KD! I am a youth worker, fitness instructor/enthusiast and as of June 9, 2012, Andrew's wife! 

Andrew and I started this blog so we could share our post-wedding-fitness tips...How can you avoid the "Newly Wed Ten" (when a newly-married person gains 10 lbs soon after the wedding, often not working out and eating too much, similar to the term "freshman 15" for first year college students, Urban Dictionary).

We'll be posting pics shortly and are making a public commitment that this is what we will look and feel like (if not better!) on our one year anniversary. We are committed to creating a shared identity as husband and wife that is healthy, active and balanced.

I look forward to sharing our tips for the "No Newlywed 10" (when a newly-married person gains ZERO lbs soon after the wedding and throughout their married life!) and I would love to hear how you've supported one another too!   

Monday, July 2, 2012

Spices and such

Last weekend we went to the Tough Mudder.  A grueling experience.  The next day though, we went farmers market shopping. (pic related)

We bought these spices in the hope that they are amazing. Dry rubs make food taste good.  Especially if left over time.

Tonight will tell.  I have 5 pork chops cooking with one spice per chop. An adventure.

I will tell everyone how they turn out.