Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Post Wedding Commitment

Allow me to introduce myself, Kelly...Ebbers, formally Kelly Davies, Kelly D. or KD! I am a youth worker, fitness instructor/enthusiast and as of June 9, 2012, Andrew's wife! 

Andrew and I started this blog so we could share our post-wedding-fitness tips...How can you avoid the "Newly Wed Ten" (when a newly-married person gains 10 lbs soon after the wedding, often not working out and eating too much, similar to the term "freshman 15" for first year college students, Urban Dictionary).

We'll be posting pics shortly and are making a public commitment that this is what we will look and feel like (if not better!) on our one year anniversary. We are committed to creating a shared identity as husband and wife that is healthy, active and balanced.

I look forward to sharing our tips for the "No Newlywed 10" (when a newly-married person gains ZERO lbs soon after the wedding and throughout their married life!) and I would love to hear how you've supported one another too!   

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