Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Working Hard

Kelly and I have been trying hard to keep up to date on our pre-marriage fitness goals.  Life is getting in the way, though.  Our wedding is on June 9th, which is only a few weeks away.  I am currently under-employed and need to get some more work.

On a positive note, the lack of employment means I can hit Crossfit Renegade a few more times this week.  I will be shadowing Jamie and Mary-Ellen this evening and am looking forward to the workout today.  Skinning the cat is one of my favourite movements.

Kelly has missed the gym, but has enjoyed the few days of relaxation.  She is looking forward to getting back into it in a couple of days.  She would like to try a new Crossfit gym that is closer to our home.  Crossfit Pacific.

Recommended eating strategy of the week:
Eat when hungry.  Eat small amounts of food, wait then eat more if you need.  You will become full faster this way.  Rich Froning only eats as he needs.  He is ripped.

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