Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Perfect Plank

It has a been a while since I've been on here, and for good reason! I have been busy filling my mind and life with yoga, completing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Inner Space Yoga Studio in Gastown (absolutely amazing studio by the way!). 

Through this training I am learning how to move in alignment with my body in a way that is safe and super effective.  In today's post I am going to share how to get into the perfect plank (i.e. top of a push up). 

a plank in my living room
This is a very important foundational position as it is the starting point for many exercises - like mountain climbers, plank, side plank, plank jacks, push ups, tricep push ups, vinyasas sequences in yoga and more. 

A perfect plank also improves posture, strengthens the entire body (arms, legs, shoulders, abdominals), relieves stress, and even improves flexibility! 

So here are a few pointers for the perfect plank:
  1. Hands
    • outer shoulder distance apart and directly below shoulders
  2. Fingers
    • spread wide and base of index finger pressing into the floor
  3. Arms and shoulders
    • upper arm bones integrated into the shoulder socket (shoulders back)
  4. Legs
    • strong legs and feet pelvis distance apart
  5. Hips 
    • in line with shoulders
  6. Core
    • fired up! pulling everything towards your midline
Try it! How long can you hold it for? Really how long?! Jump down now and try it! You can plank every day as a quick way to improve strength, flexibility, and mood.  

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