Sunday, November 18, 2012

The #1 Exercise for Weight Loss and Wellness

Our society has become so convenient that we hardly need to MOVE! We are not far from the characters in the movie Wall-e, floating around in comfy chairs with a screen in our face and a soda in our hand. 

With this context in mind, what is the #1 exercise for weight loss and wellness? I have great is whatever physical activity YOU LOVE! 

I can tell you what exercises burn the most calories and sculpt leaner, longer muscles but you are more likely to stick with something you enjoy! 

I love CrossFit and Yoga, what
do you love?
If you love baking, get your bake on: walk to get your groceries, stand in the kitchen, and use the power of your own body and a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients. Burn calories while doing what you love! 

Think about what you love and do it! If you don't know know what activity will be your "perfect match" it's time to go in search of it! I love yoga and CrossFit, and because I love it, I keep going. Finding what you love will help you too. 

Spinning, swimming, biking, water running, trail running, hiking, step class, pilates, snowboarding, skiing, squash, hiking, snowshoeing, the selection is endless! 

Live what you love!  

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