Monday, September 3, 2012

Wanderlust Festival: Ms. Ebbers' perspective

Last weekend Andrew and I went to Whistler for Wanderlust, a yoga music festival and so much more! I came home feeling inspired, full of gratitude, and sore! Now, before I completely expose myself for the flower-child I truly am…let me share highlights of this festival for me.

1. Doing AcroYoga! A mixture of acrobatics and yoga and is a so much fun to do with your partner. Stretch out and get in to some crazy positions and balances. I was bubbling with excitement and pride when we got into the throne pose (see left)!  

2. Being in Whistler! It is a beautiful backdrop with great restaurants, night-life, shopping, and people watching. Add love, yoga, music, smiles, and performers to the village and it is a magical place to be!

3. Yoga classes taught by inspiring local and international instructors. There were all types of classes, with options for beginners to advanced; one class we were hugging, dancing, and shaking to top-40 and house music and the next we were doing breath work and meditating to hypnotic live music.

4. Yoga with 2000 people guided by Seane Corne and Michael Franti. One of my friends aptly described it as a yoga flash mob, moving and breathing in unison with 2000 people! Seane Corne's socially conscious words brought tears of awareness, joy and love to more eyes than just mine! And the session wrapped up with 2000 people singing along with Michael Franti and telling their neighbours "I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU."

5. Sharing one of my biggest passions with my husband! 

For Andrew's take on Wanderlust check out our next post.

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