Monday, October 22, 2012

One-minute workouts for achieving your goals

Kyle O - sure looks like he is achieving
his fitness goals!
Now that school has started I am only able to get to my gym three days a week. For me, this is not enough; I like to workout four to six days a week.  There is a simple solution: quick home workouts. At home, everyone has access to the most sophisticated workout machine: their bodies.

Quick home workouts are not only great when you can't get to your gym but they can also play a major role in achieving goals. 

Kyle O, our friend and an action coach, recently showed us his improvements in his toes-to-bar exercise (an exercise where you hang from a bar and bring your toes up to the bar). He credits his improvement to a daily toes-to-bar practice; he has added toes-to-bar to his everyday activities, doing up to 50 a day!   

Exercises you can add to your day to achieve your goals include:
  • Push ups to improve upper body strength
    • try adding 5 a day!
  • Lunges and Squats to improve lower body strength
    • try adding 20 a day
  • Planks and sit ups (of any type!) to improve core strength
    • try adding a 1 minute plank or 20 sit ups!
  • Burpees to improve overall body strength and heart functioning
    • try adding 10 a day!
So let us know: What is your goal and what can you add to your day to achieve it?

Picture courtesy of KC PHOTO

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